Hosted by Rob Riches, a fitness personality and cover model, this food video shows quick and easy meals that are centered around nutrition and taste, with ea… Related


Healthy Diet


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  • JAKE KOB 3 years ago

    Rob Riches? More like Rob Ramsay..

  • Johan G. Solaqa 3 years ago

    This should be called a Sugar Shake! 

  • Thanks Rob well be passing on your advice to our clients!

  • Tanirhum 3 years ago

    Gotta work on the left eyelid extensors and palm tree haircut contractors.

  • Ben Naiqama 3 years ago


  • Ali Khairat 3 years ago

    wbff champion

  • bubbaone619 3 years ago


  • hilalzazai 3 years ago

    Hi guys, I will tell u how to make a testy and great protein. What u need
    First of all is put some water into your mixer and then protein for about
    100g and some yogurt then shake it.
    I’m sorry my English is not really well but i just wanna u inform u guys 

  • aka semoo 3 years ago

    thanks rob . well i’m trying to lose fat under my stomach and my chest so
    which kind of protein shake i should use ???

  • mrtimjitsu 3 years ago

    nice Navitimer

  • animetrickerd 3 years ago

    How many carbs post work out? around 100?

  • Ion Nicoara 3 years ago

    i hate cinnamon

  • 12deixa3 3 years ago

    Lol! Anabolic window… Bro science at its finest.

    IIFYM for the win.

  • ahmadz al azem 3 years ago


  • seid ahmed 3 years ago

    i love palm .. i eat about 1/4 kilo of palm every day 

  • KD Michalek 3 years ago

    How many electrical outlets does he have in his kitchen. I counted 14 just
    in camera view!!

  • Niko Nikolic 3 years ago

    Hi , Im 17 years old and I train Muay Thai and I have been wondering if I
    can eat protein shakes.

    I always had this image in my head that if I eat protein shakes I will get
    large and big which isnt necessarily good for my tipe of sport.

    So does protein shakes make you alot bigger than you were, to a level that
    is to my disadvantage?

    Please answer. Thank you

    PS: Sorry bad english :D

  • drew matic 3 years ago

    Nigga please… That shit took u 10 minutes too take that rice cake and
    shove it up ur ass and that protein shake looks like awful enjoy!

  • GoNutritionS6OJ2T 3 years ago

    for the absolute best tasting and cheapest protein powder go to bulkpowders
    and get £10 off your first £15 order when you enter referral code FL134363

  • Chuck Norris 3 years ago

    You forgot to put in the Anavar you lil bisch

  • EndLessLies1 3 years ago

    Does anyone know what fridge he is using?

  • marc dimaliwat 3 years ago

    is it ok to prepare whey protein at home then drink it after 2 hours (after
    working out)? 

  • Peter Peterr 3 years ago

    another asshole trying to sell whey. So much whey per serving and such a
    small jar. How much of mony you have to spend on that shit…

  • calum paterson 3 years ago

    Anyone know any Lactose free protein powder?

  • Oliver Cromwell 3 years ago

    For those of us who don’t have the time/effort/money to do this. Add two
    scoops of protein powder to some water, mix it in, done. Eat a banana
    afterwards.Fuck doing all this.

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