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  • Ray R. 3 years ago

    wow. It usually takes me running around 2 miles to work up even half as
    much as a sweat than I did doing this

  • CiaraPhelan 3 years ago

    This is lagging on me I actually want to kill kittens ffs!!!

  • Purple Minion 3 years ago

    Work out COMPLETE!

  • Avi Kolapo 3 years ago

    Work out buddies, is anyone interested in doing this with me?

  • That Nigerian Girl 3 years ago

    Quick sweat indeed, cant even breath

  • Jackeline Vargas 3 years ago

    Fall is here no excuse to stop working out. 

  • How to lose weight fast for women 3 years ago

    Great story!

  • joslyn j 3 years ago

    Lateral burpess kill me each time!

  • How to get rid of cellulite fast 3 years ago

    great tips :)

  • average exyll 3 years ago

    hell yeah i finished the workout and now my face is like on fire im

  • Tyler P 3 years ago

    I’ve been doing simple workouts for the past week and at the end I do as
    much as I can on this! Only got to the third one but soon I’ll be able to
    do more! :)

  • Sana Meshari 3 years ago

    Omg this is EXHAUSTING !!!!
    I took a rest after 3 mins 

  • neo power 3 years ago

    Next time i type a comment on this page my fingers will be nice and slim

  • cloudgirl150 3 years ago

    If I stick to this and a low fat diet, will I see changes in less than a

  • MikeMA 3 years ago

    damn im exausted 3 minutes in. it looked easy. shit im fat 

  • Thefearing soul 3 years ago

    I’ve never seen my 18 month old son laugh @ anything more than watching his
    mummy gasp for breath as she jumps up and down.
    The fact that i’m actually sweating to me means i’m doing something right. 

  • Aimee c 3 years ago

    Around how many calories does this burn?

  • DreamSonicM4 3 years ago

    I am broken 

  • Essie D 3 years ago

    I did this workout this morning because I’m away from my Wii system and I
    feel great!. I’ll definitely be using it more often. 

  • tony guerra 3 years ago

    Please reply to my question
    How much do i have to do this to loose weight right now im 231 and i want
    to loose the belly , i need your help . People been making fun of me 🙁 i
    wamt to be atleast 180 im 15 years old help!!!! 

  • MarieMyThoughts 3 years ago

    -Been working out for 4 days straight now ,
    2 days involved the 3 mile wlk, others were the +FitnessBlender 37 minute
    Today, i ust can’t even get the courage , nor strength to do ANY of these
    videos , i felt disappointed . 9 minute workouts and i can’t even get
    through 1 minute today.
    I wonder if my body i s just worn out, or if it was something i ate. OR what
    But i just can’t gather the strength to do it today.
    ughhhhhhhhhhh i feel so discouraged.
    (New weight loss journey)

  • LaXMustage 3 years ago

    Who wants to be my diet/workout buddy? 

  • Deer Lu 3 years ago

    everything goes quite easily but those burpees…

  • xDozer r 3 years ago

    Ok im 14 and i weigh like 90kg and im a male btw if i do this workout 5-10
    times a day will it work? I have tried this workout like a year ago and i
    did it 2-5 times a day and i lost 2kg in 2 weeks but then I got lazy and
    stopped doing it, my plan is to stop eating food for a week and only
    drinking pineapple juice

  • FitnessBlender 3 years ago

    Hey Guys! Daniel & I just filmed a round two of this workout for you!
    Coming soon :)

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