This tutorial is going to show you how to make use of your delicious rice for healthy glowing skin. Let’s salvage and make use of everything. You can use ric… Video Rating: 4 / 5 I’m so congested and stuffy right now! It’s also time for my weekly facial steam bath, so I thought I’d […]


  • jacketofblue 3 years ago

    @Amanda24091 Woot!

  • jacketofblue 3 years ago

    @NykkeyzB Aww thank you! I’m on like day 7 now haha 😀 I got this! 🙂

  • jacketofblue 3 years ago

    @martiankat So do I! It’s such a great helper when you need to relax too. I
    just recently started adding loose leaf teas…I like the calm tea in it
    more than that happy tea I used in the video lol, but trial and error 😀

  • Amanda Davis 3 years ago


  • NykkeyB 3 years ago

    congrats on not smoking!!

  • InfiniteLee LeexD 3 years ago

    Does it work

  • Yessica Yu 3 years ago

    Can i use brown rice?

  • Lucy Le 3 years ago

    ive done this and the mask just ripped

  • La Bella Muerte 3 years ago

    Tks a lot for the tip, Michelle. However, I’m wondering how long and can I
    keep Rice toner for using ?! 

  • Kim Lien 3 years ago

    she looks beautiful without makeup O.O

  • Meechl 3 years ago

    I made my rice water by fermenting the water used to rinse the rice for 3
    days then boiling it to stop the fermentation. I added essential oils and
    refrigerated the water. I have been able to keep the water for over a week.

  • genna thompson 3 years ago


  • Jade Manson 3 years ago

    Which one works the best in your opinion? Jasmine, Black, or Green?

  • Yael Torres 3 years ago

    do u have to keep it in the fridge to preserve it??

  • Gabie Crabill 3 years ago

    I miss your old videos. They seem so real and fun

  • gemma alben 3 years ago

    Rice Water…..tried it and it works!!!

  • krispaly mand 3 years ago


  • dalina huynh 3 years ago

    Do it have to be organic?

  • Katelyn Lefebre 3 years ago

    where do you live?

  • paradis3ra 3 years ago

    Where do they sell organic rice? I couldn’t find any at the asian

  • Jennifer Kim 3 years ago

    this was the first video i ever saw of michelle phan

  • Katrinaz 3 years ago

    She used to look much prettier ~

  • Vangie Willis 3 years ago

    Great tip … I will try it. Thank you

  • Gino8451 3 years ago

    will this take off black heads. and if not what will. thanks for your

  • Derek Peco 3 years ago

    How long does the rice water last??

  • vc3000nodoame 3 years ago

    She used to look and sound like an anime character >.<

  • Jessica Jeanfelix 3 years ago

    *looks to the side. Sees a LARGE bag of Jasmine rice* Yesh!

  • Angelique Loves You 3 years ago

    How do you know that the rice you use doesn’t contain any pesticides? 

  • JennyCThree 3 years ago

    Also good to water plants!

  • Varsha Paturi 3 years ago

    If I loooove you and you looooove me

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