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  • Joscelyn Arreguin 3 years ago

    She’s so pro that she doesn’t even need a mirror lol

  • Sarah Parker 3 years ago

    The bird flying in was like a Disney scene. This is truly an amazing video!

  • Nancy31ox 3 years ago

    how does it come out so perfect! it like watching magic before my eyes!

  • Vibe Sonne 3 years ago

    Sometimes I’d wish I had thinner hair. My hair is so thick it’ll take me a
    LONG time to even do one of these beauties. :(

  • Misscoc0chanel 3 years ago

    alll looks were my favourite! i had to sadly have all my long hair cut off
    into a bob and its now shoulder length and all your videos have given me
    inspiration for cute updos to do! so thankyou so much 

  • PrincessAloeVera 3 years ago

    my hair is fine . so the third technique is gonna be good! thanks!

  • V Pandamusic 3 years ago

    I love your hair!!!

  • mollie kendall 3 years ago

    Impossible if you have thick hair

  • Jatee007 3 years ago

    Omg when the bird flew in I thought she was like Cinderella! 

  • Ye htat oo 3 years ago

    my mom has that long hair so i can test hers

  • sarah jane 3 years ago

    is that bid real

  • Anna Skidmore 3 years ago

    i love all of them its like my dream hairstyles thanks so much!!!! <3

  • Sara Holgersson 3 years ago

    You sound like a airplane worker, you know the ones thet gives you
    instructions in case of emergency :P

  • soosoo1995 3 years ago

    Very nice 

  • Aly Ponch 3 years ago

    The fact that you can tease your hair with your fingers blows my mind. My
    hair would never!!! 

  • That_Cookie_Girl 3 years ago

    I love your accent

  • Allison Rake 3 years ago

    I think you just saved me! I am using one of these for my holiday concert!

  • Maria Chavarria 3 years ago

    Well you did it again Lilith Moon. Awsome video!!! Thank you for the awsome
    videos. Keep the videos coming because we love them 🙂 good luck!!

  • Ashleigh Thomas 3 years ago

    Look #3

  • That_Cookie_Girl 3 years ago

    Cute bird!

  • ELFREDA SP KEPAOA 3 years ago

    Love all these hairstyles, practice makes perfect :)

  • Srna Nikolić 3 years ago

    your parrot is so cute

  • Eva Brenelière 3 years ago


  • pramukha prasanth 3 years ago

    i ♥♥♥ it

  • Lilith Moon 3 years ago

    Which of the 3 looks do you like most? ;)

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