Simple & Healthy Dinner Ideas!

Simple & Healthy Dinner Ideas!

yayyy! thumbs up for more health videos! 🙂 follow me around healthy grocery shopping!…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

yayyy! thumbs up for more health videos! 🙂 CHECK OUT MY HEALTHY DINNER IDEAS VIDEO HERE: Follow me! 🙂 TWITTER -…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

50 Replies to “Simple & Healthy Dinner Ideas!”

  1. MomentsWithMe

    just recently found your channel! I love your videos 🙂 I hope you check
    out my sketch comedy videos :)

  2. gracexellex

    I LOVE how healthy you are – I love your lifestyle videos so much! I’m
    trying to switch my channel over to more of a lifestyle channel as well
    because I’m so into health and cooking videos! I love my new healthy
    lifestyle and your channel is ALWAYS inspiring me to try new yummy things
    and continue to be healthy so THANK YOU BREE!

  3. Marie Villavicencio

    Happy Valentine’s day pretty, I love you, i loved this recipes, i’ll try
    them next week <3 x

  4. Everyday_Adventure

    love your videos, u r so energetic and happy all the time ♥ your videos
    definitely give me loads of positive energy!

  5. nyaaawira

    just eating a zinger burger while watching this n not feeling guilty at all
    I think iv finally matured but your stuff looks so good though

  6. Heather Haines

    These things SEEM healthy, and I mean it’s healthier than mcdonalds
    breakfast ha. If you’re worried about calories though. Oh man….

  7. Gwinn

    Just tried the peanut butter parfait… so yummy! I actually just bought
    the pb2 but im in need of some other recipes to try it with… maybe try
    making a video on foods involving pb2? also another video on substitutes
    for bread on sandwiches and stuff? Just some video ideas 🙂 Love your

  8. jrubin1010

    Already commented about how amazing this video is but i also wanted to add
    that I make your avocado ketchup egg sandwich EVERYDAY!! i just got this
    new balsamic ketchup from heinz and it makes the sandwich even more
    amazing! definitely try it out!!

  9. Regina Katherine

    Yay I have been waiting for you to do this video! I’m so going to try the
    spaghetti squash recipe! 

  10. Sarah Slas

    Bree, i love you! You are so inspirational and i love how you are so
    independent! Keep up the healthy living lifestyle because its so amazing!

  11. Marie Lippert

    I really appreciate how these are actual balanced meals! Most people on
    here make meals like mashed sweet potato and turkey bacon(????)-ish type
    meals, and they just look inedible and not very filling. These were great,
    and all looked yummy!

  12. Harry Potter Fangirl

    I’ve never tried spaghetti squash before… Could anyone tell me what it
    tastes like?… Just out of curiosity if I was ever gonna try it. Thanks!:)

  13. Cristin Reyes

    why do you eat such low carb with your dinners? In most of them theres not
    nearly enough calories for that to be considered a full meal.

  14. Aya Sakamoto

    Looks yum-o but I feel like I would eat twice the amount you do. Or at
    least eat a huge bowl of fruit and dates afterwards.

  15. Sam Cas

    I am a VERY picky eater!! I was wondering if you could maybe do like a meal
    or two that is for picky eaters like me

  16. Becky Collins

    Simple & Healthy Dinner Ideas!!!!

    #organicfood #dinner #healthy #healthyfoodideas #food #healthyfood

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