Get rid of acne scars with natural home remedies using either aloe vera leaves or honey, lemon juice and almond oil. For complete information check this shor… Video Rating: 4 / 5 Related


  • Peter Johnald 3 years ago

    Pleaso to all those spammers advertising their link herepa and
    skincarekit.. pleaso do stop those very irritating comments because your
    only point is not to help but to earn money on those pimple sufferer
    people. By the way, back to the vid, um how long will the aloe vera take
    effect on my depressed, pitted acne scars? how long can I see visible
    results? PLease reply I really wanna try it.. :), I already survived acne
    by antibiotic and now I am suffering scars.. urrgggg

  • Hanisha Hani 3 years ago

    can i use this for pimples?

  • Sunil Nair 3 years ago

    The second treatment of lemon , almond oil, milk SHOULD BE KEPT ON THE ACNE
    THE MILK HAD TO RAW? or the boiled milk
    Nisha here
    Pls do lt me know

  • patricia martinez 3 years ago

    para el a

  • Peter Chisambara 3 years ago

    After exfoliating your skin with baking soda, massage a pea-sized amount of
    olive oil onto your face. Acne scaring can cause the skin to lose its
    elasticity and suppleness. The moisturizing nutrients in the olive oil will
    penetrate the skin to deeply moisturize the skin and soften the skin’s


  • Navnish Mann 3 years ago

    it works finally!!!!!

  • sana khan 3 years ago

    I have done skin chemical peeling and got rid of the pimples.. the marks
    are still there and im stil continueng the treatment using mild peeling..
    can i follow this remedy whch u have showed ? 

  • Keytrend-Fit 3 years ago

    YouTube vandaag : Skin Care – Acne Scars – Natural Ayurvedic Home Remedies #keytrend #fit

  • arman rdf 3 years ago

    how long does it take to disappear???

  • Mussarat Bano 3 years ago

    might try the last one

  • Peter Uss 3 years ago

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    acne try ‘banfan incredible acne genie’ (do a search on google)? Ive heard
    some decent things about it and my work buddy got great success with it. 

  • aliya shaikh 3 years ago

    home veda is my favourite

  • krystal rivers 3 years ago

    milk is for cows only not humans. lol

  • amisha mishra 3 years ago

    is thare is any thing from which i can get rid of marks on my face

  • Natural Beauty Formulas 3 years ago

    There are many natural skin care remedies that you can make from food

  • pooja rajpoot 3 years ago

    Please tell me how long should I apply this (honey+almond oil+lemon juice+
    milk) before washing…..and how many times a day….

  • Aparna Krishnan 3 years ago

    mam does honey cause pimples

  • Romita Basu 3 years ago

    aloe is really effective!!!!!!!

  • kasam tamang 3 years ago

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    powders, pills, or potions. Just go and Google Skinnimaker System to find
    out more.

  • Rohit Kumar 3 years ago

    Once I prepare the mix, how many times can I use it. Also, can I
    refrigerate the mix?

  • Srinivas Naik 3 years ago

    Good but lemon in contact with milk will break milk na? Then what to do? Is
    it fine to apply even the milk is broken.

  • Nafisatzc 3 years ago

    can i use olive oil instead of almond oil?

  • Bijoya Sarkar 3 years ago

    I have Acne on my face.tell me what i need to do to get read of it.
    my another question is generally you give 3 solution in each video should i
    use all of these or i can select just one.

  • Nalin Sadabjit 3 years ago

    what id you dont have almond oil? can you just make it without it?

  • Killuminatisx blupp 3 years ago

    How long are you going to have the acne scars remedy 2 on your face? And
    can you keep the rest in the fridge?

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