I describe the benefits of using a facial mask in your weekly skin care routine. I also show how to apply one. Related




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  • FatGoiter 3 years ago

    Thanks for your post. I need something like this to clean off my pores. I
    am not gay and a Man filled up with tons of testosterone but has no shame
    to using this product. Just like wearing a pink shirt won’t challenge my
    identity, face mask should go well too!

  • TUTIMIO123 3 years ago

    Hi where can I buy the brush you have?

  • shawnkquinn 3 years ago

    There’s nothing wrong with shaving body hair, especially for hygenic
    reasons. (Less places for bacteria to accumulate causing body odor)

  • tom statler 3 years ago


  • Quam Mursed 3 years ago

    Hi there, are you familiar with “hairator”? Just search on Google. On their
    website I discovered a revolutionary and painless body hair removal method
    that requires zero waxing, shaving or other old methods. The truth is, that
    solution has even been presented in Vogue. This made it easier for Kenny to
    have enduring smooth skin. It might help you too…

  • randomv3iwer 3 years ago

    Ok! beside the homophobic comments, I would like to say thank you bro for
    the tips. I think I’m getting old and I need to take car of my self now
    that I finally achieved my goal weight (from 95kg to 74kg) I need to to
    take care of my skin if I wanna have any game. thank you and keep what you
    doing. remember you are lucky you live in country where you can shout your
    rights out loud instead, unlike the shitty as Jihady fags ruled nation i
    come from.

  • musicismyobsession11 3 years ago

    @kokym8 Lol you must be one ugly mothafucka 🙂

  • Ty Gomes 3 years ago

    do a vid on shaving puhlease

  • Nightbird 3 years ago

    MEN are MEN…not WOMEN. If you think having hair under your arms is gross
    for a man…then you don’t want a want a WOMAN. Stop trying to
    force men to be women! Just because you are a feminine guy who shaves all
    his body hair like a little girl and probably also does drag, doesn’t mean
    other men want to look like that!

  • 18phenom 3 years ago

    u make good and informative videos! thanks =)

  • Dabney Fountain 3 years ago

    I appreciate that you have tried and recommend easy to find products which
    are also affordable.

  • Niky Anderson 3 years ago is the solution for a life without acne

  • Paris Tsao 3 years ago

    well, i think those masks may not fit with some people who has allergy

  • ravimondavi 3 years ago

    More hair = more surface area for bacteria = more odor. Do some research.
    I’m BS, MS, MD candidate.

  • xAetos 3 years ago

    men shouldn’t shave their armpits u woman

  • Eluai 3 years ago

    Nice tips! I intend to do a spa day for my boyfriend on his birthday and it
    will involve a body peeling and a facial mask. Do you have any
    recommendations for self made masks for normal/dry skin? (I’m unable to
    find those products here) Awesome video 🙂

  • jpf72801 3 years ago

    Should a person use lotion after rising off the mask ?

  • soneelita 3 years ago

    I gave it to my cute cute cute fren today , think he liked it!

  • restoreyourfacenet 3 years ago

    Not just women are concern with their face, men need to enhance it too.
    This facial mask is perfect for men who are spending time for skin care

  • Christian Lopez 3 years ago

    I am obsess with your channel! keep it up man!!! I’ve liked and watched
    them all!!:)

  • Kevin Chandra 3 years ago

    Why shave those hairs? Thosr things are hot o.o

  • dudechill2 3 years ago

    Can you eat the chocolate mask? 0.o?

  • Kennedy T 3 years ago

    you are so attractive. a guy who cares about his appearance is so much
    better than a guy who doesnt do anything

  • avisha key 3 years ago

    i’m i the only women who watch his clips :P

  • james thompson 3 years ago

    You using makeup?

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