Remove skin tan with natural home remedies using either tomato or turmeric. For complete information check this short video from ! Vi… Video Rating: 4 / 5 Related


  • FuzzyFTW 3 years ago

    if you had natural fairness then not going into the sun will make them fair
    again if they dont become fair again that means your natural skin is not

  • Uzma Hussain 3 years ago

    I have used veet-hair removal cream like 2 years ago and my hands so tan!
    It’s been like that for awhile, tan ussually wears off but not on my
    hands..what should I do? Should I use the same remedy as the one you showed
    in this video?

  • amarjit kaur 3 years ago

    what precautions should we take before or after going for swimming

  • roxy oniel 3 years ago

    you see the first method do i apply one whole bowl of tomato puree and
    lemon juice to my face?

  • pallavi parwani 3 years ago

    u luk like alia bhatt :O

  • Attiyah Fatima 3 years ago

    The product of haldi which you used is the normal one which we use for
    cooking or some other product??

  • Mahee Khan 3 years ago

    can u plz teach how to make wax at home

  • samairah aggarwal 3 years ago

    by the way it’s always better to use natural haldi paste than the processed
    powder as it often leads to even more breakouts especially for oily skin.

  • redhrtz 3 years ago

    how should i apply both the facials, alternatively??

  • MrChettiar86 3 years ago

    Hi, my skin is tan so applied tomato with lime juice but i m getting
    pimples and and itching on my face…please tell me it also goes to face
    also knw

  • puneeta kedia 3 years ago

    do we take a boiled or a raw potato??

  • taniya khan 3 years ago

    can we use it on our face ?

  • FukknAliensBro 3 years ago

    Lol so she is instructing people on how to remove a tan? To remove the
    dark, vibrant, sun kissed glow?

  • Sadikshya Karki 3 years ago

    my skin is very sensitive. i had a sun burn 2 yrs ago and i hav done every
    possible solutions but it wont go away.what do i do to remove it faster

  • Hardy Gill 3 years ago

    Can u tell me any natural way to remove off the make up from my face

  • muthu murali 3 years ago

    Should i take concentrated lemon or diluted one? Please reply and how will
    the turmeric stains go away? Please reply!!!

  • PATIL GAYATRI 3 years ago

    Hi, The remedy of potato which u mentioned in this video, or hw much time
    we should rub it on the skin?

  • bujji sweety 3 years ago

    i applied turmeric remedy….i washed it after 30 min…but my face looks
    yellow in colour…its totally different with my..body skin.what i have to

  • MONECA S ARORAA 3 years ago

    hi… first of all i dont know ur name… and secondly… can i have ur
    contact details … so tht i can ask few questions regarding my daughter…

  • Nikole Evilsizer 3 years ago

    Can I use this on my face?

  • shobana sweety 3 years ago

    please take care of your body 

  • avani sharma 3 years ago

    🙂 thanks !!

  • menudo1981 3 years ago

    I have really pale skin right now but it’s going to go away because I have
    camp next week and I don’t want to be tan ugh :'( 

  • June A. Clark 3 years ago

    I thought i would never lighten my skin but as opposed to my doctor’s
    prediction, i whitened my skin pigmentations in a natural way, without
    having drug treatments & just in a few weeks, after years of trying some
    other treatments. you can too!

  • hareem abbasi 3 years ago

    Hi the lemon and the turmeric powder how many days do you have to do it for

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