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  • rach elle 3 years ago

    Jackie…why didn’t you use your clarisonic with the honey oat cleanser?

  • Esther Martin 3 years ago

    Dry skin

  • Michelle 〈3 3 years ago

    Combination skin

  • Ashleigh Edwards 3 years ago

    acne prone plz:)

  • Jessica Bang 3 years ago

    Hi Jackie. I found this video so helpful. One of my favorite moisture is
    Cetaphil. There was times where I was trying out different products that
    allowed my skin to break out, but Cetaphil really calmed down the acne and
    dryness. I bought a Michael Todd product on Groupon, so Im excited to use
    it 🙂

  • malin lie 3 years ago

    Dry skin 🙁

  • Melanie Rodriguez 3 years ago

    Jackie I am so glad you made this video but I have a question…. What if
    you have dry & oily skin?? I tend to get oily on my nose area. Hoping I
    hear back from you 🙂 God bless you :))

  • lalastar0002 3 years ago

    I just ordered Michael Todd products and cannot wait to try them! I didn’t
    order any of the ones that you use, because my skin type is different
    (sensitive, acne prone, and normal/combination). So I can’t wait to see
    your other skin videos! 😀

  • bananaaQ 3 years ago

    For your next videos, could you use drugstore products only?

  • Emily Hale 3 years ago

    Broken Capillaries on cheeks 🙁 I know Im not alone in suffering this but
    no one seems to talk about it.

  • Laurice Mata 3 years ago

    Please do at home remedies for black heads or drugstore

  • Jas Jaa 3 years ago

    you look beautiful without makeup!!!!!!!!! jheeze woman if I were u I
    wouldn’t wear makeup

  • Mae F 3 years ago

    Combination skin

  • lilmihoshi 3 years ago

    Could you recommend a lip balm with SPF in it? I have dry skin, too so I
    need something extremely hydrating. I’ve already gotten sunburned on my
    lips this summer, but I don’t know what to use.

  • Nicole Ann 3 years ago

    Someone doesn’t like to read.

  • Lorena Rivera 3 years ago

    Acne prone skin

  • Lovestaaitaaipopjes 3 years ago

    Normal skin

  • lady awesome1 3 years ago

    Dear God…. You’re beautiful without makeup!!

  • minestyle mytaste 3 years ago

    I have dry skin too but I don’t have very dry skin so I don’t need that
    much products for my dry skin like you do. All the items sound fun to try
    but I have to keep my skincare routine simple and short cause I don’t need
    that much products for my skin I don’t break out often and I don’t break
    out with bad acne.I know I’m blessed. 

  • Petrisia Phanarikul 3 years ago

    dry combinated skin

  • sunshine45gogogo 3 years ago

    Are you FILIPINO? Your mom looks so Filipina! 

  • SourFrogable 3 years ago

    can someone tell me the intro song i cant find it

  • rose gutsy 3 years ago

    It is obvious that she truly inherited good skin ,,look at her hands and
    arms,,,so I guess its not just because what she uses ,,she basically has a
    nice skin genes and of course plus she takes care of it more…

  • Hannah O'Connor 3 years ago

    i have incredibly dry skin and eczema around my mouth any moisturiser i
    have used i feel is not moisturising enough since it sinks in then a few
    hours later become flaky again. Any good affordable moisturisers?

  • priya kaur 3 years ago

    Your skin is gorgeous

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