You can’t get rid of pimples or cysts positioned deep under the skin through ordinary cleansing, but this concoction of chamomile and lavender oils, pressed … Related


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  • Noah Valdez 3 years ago

    This bitch blinks 5 times a second

  • Zoe Jasmine 3 years ago

    one way you can DO THAAAAT

  • Lindsay Telman 3 years ago

    She looks so angry, lol.

  • Nick Scott 3 years ago


  • Alyssa Mason 3 years ago

    Blink blink blink blink blink blink blink
    blink!!!!!??????????!!!!!!!!!!???????!!!!?????!!! Lol wow eye doctor please
    haaa lol jk

  • Sirhelpsalot C 3 years ago

    Bro this b**** needs to stop f****** drinking

  • Sierra Hinson 3 years ago

    Why does she blink like that?

  • Tracy Tran 3 years ago

    But does the treatment work fast

  • Corporal Jr 3 years ago

    shes so hot

  • Danielle Andrzejewska 3 years ago

    she blinks with every word she says lol

  • Brandon Autrey 3 years ago

    I didn’t notice the blinking until I read the comments

  • Luka Eterović 3 years ago

    Like she took milions pictures of me!

  • alephnot000 3 years ago

    lol, this sounds like complete bullshit.

  • Ms. Diane 3 years ago

    Blinkey McGee over there.. Blink blink blink blink

  • Vailwolf 3 years ago

    You need to see an eye doctor, yeeeeesh. 

  • Debi Fisher 3 years ago

    Jeeze every time she blinked then I blinked, now got a severe headache

  • Jordan Berry 3 years ago

    Blink. Blink. Blink. Blink…

  • Mike Conwell 3 years ago

    she blinks every 1/4 second. odd.

  • Barbara Barnea 3 years ago

    This lady blinks way too much

  • Brandon Friend 3 years ago

    Hot compress?? That little pad is going to be hot for like 4 seconds, ain’t
    gonna do shit

  • Shant'e Ivey 3 years ago

    One chicks blinking the other looks angry lol like wtf

  • Daniel W 3 years ago


  • bAdDA5z 3 years ago

    she should definitely wear less makeup, that is prolly whats making her
    blink so much

  • SpaceKangarooJG 3 years ago

    Take a drink every time she blinks

  • MindlessSelfGuitar 3 years ago

    I’ve had my under the skin pimples for over a year now. The same ones. I
    seriously hate it

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