Prevent and treat wrinkles with natural home remedies using egg white. For complete information check this short video from ! Visit us to discover over 1000 natural… Related


  • sandra humera 3 years ago

    please get back to me asap for white patches on skin.

  • SohanFX 3 years ago

    Can I Store The Remedy-2 In a Refrigerator ,and How Long Can I Keep It

  • Wannella Lawson 3 years ago

    I watching Dr Oz. There was a lady on the show stated the juice from white
    rice was good for wrinkles. Also, do you have a remedy for spots on the
    face. Tks

  • Homeveda - Home Remedies for You! 3 years ago

    Welcome! 🙂 do share these with your friends and family.

  • prab singh 3 years ago

    what exactly fresh cream should i use for the Remedy -2 ??

  • Homeveda - Home Remedies for You! 3 years ago

    Yes, you can.

  • Homeveda - Home Remedies for You! 3 years ago

    We recommend that you make it fresh everyday..

  • madscientist90 3 years ago

    If I were to use this as a preventive step, and not actually as a cure for
    wrinkles, how often would you recommend I use this treatment? I’m only in
    my early twenties, but I think it helps to start with this before they
    appear. =)

  • soneelita 3 years ago


  • Mohammed Azam 3 years ago

    i have good results.

  • Mitch smile 3 years ago

    Im a professional when it comes to photos haha. .This is so fake I can
    clearly see the pic has been photo shopped lol…So sad to lie to

  • winningskinnet 3 years ago

    Wrinkles is one of women’s major problems when they get older. And it is
    really important to deal with it as early as possible. Thank you for
    sharing your idea. You got a great video with this. :)

  • Bell Atkins 3 years ago

    Great video and thanks for all the amazing remedies! If anyone wants to
    know the number one reason why your skin looks older as you age thats not
    in the video message me :)

  • Cristina Lewis 3 years ago

    I am thinking of trying this remedy. Does anyone here tried this before? I
    wan to hear some reviews first before I go on with my plan. :)

  • Ojobse Wolker 3 years ago

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    it easily using Stupid Simple Slimming (check it out on Google).

  • Dinu cv 3 years ago

    i cant control smoking..i am doomed

  • saniya gunani 3 years ago

    hi the pack with avacoda for the face should be applied for how much time
    plus how many times it can be repeated thanks

  • Rebecca Vitting 3 years ago

    today i tried the Avocado Cream mask and i am really impressed!!!

  • Jen Margo 3 years ago

    That woman is really beautiful.

  • flaka dominguez 3 years ago

    how often do you do this..?

  • Carol Rolfes 3 years ago

    Does anyone here tried this before?

  • judy ehlers 3 years ago

    If you have not tried ,or watcher these Aurevitic miracle cures you really
    lost out. Inexpensive,homemade and they work——amazing

  • Taher Mohammed 3 years ago

    i want to ask that we want to make paste of papaya & Banana or what to do 

  • Solomon TheCursedOne 3 years ago

    How do you know all of this is my question? It;s one thing to know which
    plants do what. But how do you know of the combination of ingredients to
    have the desired effect you want? Where does this knowledge come from?

  • Gabriele Sousa 3 years ago

    How often should I use remedy 1 to notice results?

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