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  • Banoo M 3 years ago

    amazing info !!

  • SkinLooks Younger 3 years ago

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  • KatitaR PP 3 years ago

    My god, she wasted a lot of water, be careful with that.

  • Monica GTZ 3 years ago

    Also adding to what she said about working in a hospital (like I do), this
    is the proper way to wash your hands.

    BTW this video is very informative. Will definitely give it a shot :)

  • Luba Gladkova 3 years ago

    Im surprised you don’t use a toner.

  • mslncdl19 3 years ago

    I just found your channel, and in one of your videos, you mentioned that
    you might start doing foundation videos. I would really benefit from these
    types of videos, because we have similar skin types.

  • daniela carrera 3 years ago

    Please pleaseeeee don’t waste water while washing your hands! :)

  • Mary Barrett 3 years ago

    Yes benzoyl peroxide is great but be careful. if you are like me i have
    very sensitive skin and when i come in contact with benzoyl peroxide my
    face becomes red itchy and swells up, it has gotten so bad the one time
    that i had my eyes swollen shut.

  • Mms3302 3 years ago

    So helpful!! Thank you! :)

  • TheEminalicious 3 years ago

    Thank you Jennifer Nguyen :)

  • Tiffanie Gantt 3 years ago

    Why is her using a bunch of water such a big deal lol ? 

  • kasey Harrison 3 years ago

    You leave the water running and all of a sudden people start caring about
    the world. Hypocrites. 

  • Natalia Oviedo 3 years ago

    I couldn’t enjoy the video because I was thiking all the time about the
    amount of water you were wasting! Close the faucet when you are not using
    it! It’s easy and you can save a lot of water!!!!!!! 

  • solarlolax 3 years ago

    hibiclens cured my acne after spending so much on other rid
    of the bad bacteria on my skin. i use it with the clarisonic mia. life is
    better :)

  • Kamm Snow 3 years ago

    Ur voice is so annoying

  • bbyblanca 3 years ago

    She wasted alot of water while washing her hands & stuff :/

  • Imish Baguio 3 years ago

    your face is really funny. 

  • Sariel Lunar 3 years ago

    Can a paper towel be used to dry the face?

  • Cecilia Grace 3 years ago

    Regardless of how you were taught to wash your hands, you can always
    change. It is DEFINITELY not a “small thing”. Water conservation is
    incredibly important. Don’t trivialize it.

  • limelicious 3 years ago

    oh wow i have been using my clarisonic mia for 3 years and did not know
    anything about the small brush option. Mind blowing!! Thanks for sharing
    your routine :)

  • maria lucic 3 years ago

    ugh my skin is oily, sensitive, pimply, blackheady, benzoyl peroxide and
    sacylic acid cause my skin to get red, i cant find any products that work
    well for me

  • Ryuzaki L 3 years ago

    are you all really going to attack her for the way she washes her hand?

  • Frmkpoptoswe 3 years ago

    Your nails are wonderufull *_* 

  • Madeline texas 3 years ago

    Great tips but I already follow this routine for my dry skin lol

  • UltimateFashionist 3 years ago

    So.. You wash your hands and then you touch the dirty headband and hair?

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