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  • laynelaynelaynelayne 3 years ago

    you are on crack…. lol.

  • MagickCat1 3 years ago

    You know you said about the product that makes your skin REALLY good? Well
    the one that does that for me is the Youth Boosting Facial from Sanctuary
    Spa that you can get at Boots and all the products in it which you can buy
    separately. In particular the micro dermabrasion scrub that comes in that
    box. After I have used this I SWEAR I look 10 years younger. Seriously. And
    all the time I’m thinking “this is not possible!” But it works for me and
    “rescues” my skin when it feels/looks really bad.

  • MariaKayGrace 3 years ago

    You should try the dermalogica corn cob facial exfoliater…AMAZING

  • 34mmfilm 3 years ago

    The way you said La Roche Posay, hehe.

  • Kjerstine M 3 years ago

    En ansigts skrub er med til at give dig akne.. Fordi du skrubber
    bakterierne fra dine bumser rundt i ansigtet og er så med til at du på akne

  • thegreenGIRLsmic30 3 years ago

    I had that tomato cleanser, the nuetrogena moisturizer!

  • ileen13 3 years ago

    …working wond wonders on my skin

  • Jennifer Campbell 3 years ago

    Smell is hard-wired to the memory center of your brain. If you wear purfume
    when you study and wear the same kind during a test, you will remember more
    of what you read. (Humans are really weird, aren’t we?) 🙂

  • Juliandra NL 3 years ago

    try to use products from 1 line (brand)-sometimes all those mass market
    products do not help but do problems on the skin worse! Avene, La Roche
    Posay are the best ones for acne!

  • Megan Peabody 3 years ago

    you should do monthly empties! 🙂

  • Alex s 3 years ago

    if u hhavent already, u should try the philosophy exfoliator

  • Allthatglitters1019 3 years ago

    the clean and clear acne control moisturiser its awsome

  • Chela Suh 3 years ago

    Garnier always broke me out np matter which range I used:(

  • Aby22 3 years ago

    Have you tried the Alpha H liquid gold? it’s glycolic acid it might help
    you 🙂

  • Ann Kovac 3 years ago

    I now have a clear face and I am no longer down because of my skin
    problems. – Holistic Acne System I wanted people to know that
    there were others solutions aside from scary drugs like Accutane. You can
    try it risk free

  • SwEetChocOlateLuv 3 years ago

    For a scrub I recommend simple scrubbing mask I think is called I totally
    love it

  • Emily Roberts 3 years ago

    Try the proactive xout it has a gritty sand texture and it makes you feel
    like some tooth paste and try the clean and clear 3 in 1 moisturizer it
    treats acne and prevents it and it has salysic acid

  • 4everjonas1fan 3 years ago

    McKennaSomething the simple moisturizer is horrible i have sensitive skin
    and its not even that gentle.

  • ofowlsandcities 3 years ago

    LOL U r so cute! I loved how you were talking about the green “santa”
    product XD

  • pim fiveohtwo 3 years ago

    “I feel like Im on an island with toucans!” AHAHAHA

  • michkerz20 3 years ago

    COCONUT OIL for moisturizing.

  • rosepumpkin 3 years ago

    Tea trea oil… like seriously try it.

  • ileen13 3 years ago

    try an aspin mask with lemon juice it been s

  • daniela manu 3 years ago

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  • katie lynn 3 years ago

    you’re hair is gorgeous!

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