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  • maeva fabulouis 3 years ago

    thanks very much for your videos =) you makes me more confidence because i
    have lots of acné too. I’m french and i didn’t understand very much if the
    Effaclar duo+ removed the scars and the red mark? because i would test this
    cream maybe =) i don’t drink milk but i have lots of acné like you on the
    cheek. I will test the honey too =) thanks so so much! =) you’re very
    beautiful and perfect like you are 

  • Sarah Beth Yoga 3 years ago

    Thank you Mela! I weened myself off of prescription topical creams for my
    acne and it got so much worse (not surprised.) So I’ve been steadily trying
    new products and I’m finally getting results with a benzoyl peroxide wash,
    salicylic acid pads (for after yoga) and honey/cinnamon/nutmeg masks. I
    didn’t even thing about the whey protein!! I’m not touching that stuff
    again, looking back I totally see the correlation. Thanks again girl! 

  • Anastacia Kay 3 years ago

    Yep – milk – I eliminated it 3 months ago and skin is at it’s best in 10
    years!! I wish I found this earlier, before all the scarring, but better
    late than never!!

  • Nastya Niki 3 years ago


  • KaylaGaffney_ 3 years ago

    Try the anti wrinkle cream from lidl, sounds mad but my nanny swears by it,
    she’s 80 and has barley any wrinkles!x

  • Petra Rene 3 years ago

    You are sooooooooo much prettier without makeup

  • Judith Baker 3 years ago

    You may have just saved my life. You’re my new role model! 

  • Phouphanom Rasmy 3 years ago

    Where can I buy the pure coconut oil 100%?????

  • Jenni Wren 3 years ago

    Hi Melanie, this video was so helpful! I’m definitely going to cut down on
    milk to see if it helps. I’ve been using the effaclar duo for the last 2
    weeks now and my skin/acne looks so much better =] i use the vichy
    normaderm toner too, it’s so refreshing. x

  • Emdadh Syed 3 years ago

    I’ve been using this face wash for about two weeks now and I’ve been
    getting a couple of spots not more than 3 which disappear after a couple of
    days. What should I do?

  • Faye Park 3 years ago

    Lurveeee your accent!!~ <3

  • NakedWithoutMyLippy 3 years ago

    Rosehip oil is supposed to be amazing for anti-wrinkles. Apparently Miranda
    Kerr swears by it and the girl’s skin is FLAWLESS. Your skin looks amazing
    by the way. I love Vichy and La Roche Posay products. I’m definitely going
    to buy some coconut oil and start using it to remove my makeup. That is so
    cool Cassandra is coming to Ireland. WHEN? 🙂 X

  • samdetroit89 3 years ago

    How to rid of acne? First if u have alot of acne, take clindamycin pills
    first weeks and than ur acne will go away than stop talking those pills.
    And than start eating healthy food and drink alot of water. In the morning
    2 hot glass of water, afternoon, evening, and night. Stays away from theses
    food, cookies, chips, chocolate, milk, greasy foods. Im not saying don’t
    eat these foods only on weekends. Not everydays. Try to eat vegetables some
    time if u can, Apple, Orange very good for to treat acne. If u following my
    step u don’t have to spend alots of money. 

  • Simply Joanna 3 years ago

    Thank god for your videos! Very informative and nice as usual, you really
    are an inspiration so never stop doing what you do! You make my thoughts
    about my own skin even brighter! :)

  • CelineAyu 3 years ago

    Thanks for sharing! You’re also sooo funny hahahah :)

  • Rodrigo Sosa 3 years ago

    Very cute English!!! … in which city you live?,i saw a couple of videos
    your personality is amazing’re very strong and cute and your sister too ..
    I can not judge your personality because I do not know you in person, but
    what I see in your videos give me a sign that you are very strong and
    dedicated to what you do or in person I imagine how lovely you must
    be..hopefully everything goes well because you are a respect ,I
    send you kisses from Paraguay, South America and keep going!!!

  • SuGaRy BlOsSoM 3 years ago

    MA LA NIIEEEEEEEEEEE … thank u so much for this amazing video <3 .. i
    noticed that my skin goes outrageous whenever i drink milk everyday ( my
    forehead ) .. thanks again for your efforts =D .. 

  • Samira A 3 years ago

    burts bees intense hydration eye cream, a lot of beauty gurus swear by it.
    ily :)

  • heeja young 3 years ago

    Dear ,you’re saved my life 🙂 this is so so so helpful ^^ i’m very tired
    with acne and acne scar 🙁 will try follow all your tips 🙂 hopefully it
    work on me xD and i already tried green tea scrub (homemade) and it worked
    on me ^^ just put 1 green tea bag , 1 spoon of honey and 2spoon of rice
    flour , mix all together and put on your face for 5-10 minutes^^ then wash
    it and you will different on your skin ^^
    **love you always mile ♥♥♥

  • Rose Kimberly 3 years ago

    I’m so happy you can help more people! Your beautiful inside & out. Loves
    ya tons!

  • CallherCass Bankson 3 years ago

    Gorgeous darling!!! <3 Keep inspiring us!!!

  • Melanie Murphy 3 years ago

    Hey everyone! Thanks for all the wonderful feedback on this video 🙂 <3
    Keep liking and sharing it is much appreciated as it is helping lots of
    people! Especially the dairy tip! 🙂 Here's a link to my new ACNE update
    with a review of some Clarisonic dupes: ACNE UPDATE ♥ Clarisonic Dupes for
    Clear Skin! New SONICLEAR + Spin For Perfect Skin XXXXXX hug from Ireland!

  • Melanie Murphy 3 years ago

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  • Melanie Murphy 3 years ago

    Ahhhh so glad this is getting so many views, guys, THANK YOU! Please thumbs
    this video up & share it as that really helps me to get my message out <3
    HUGS xx

  • Melanie Murphy 3 years ago

    Guys, if yous haven’t seen my review of the SONICLEAR (which is a cheaper
    version of the clarisonic which I think is actually better as it is
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