25 Replies to “Strength Building Yoga”

  1. Tenerezza jie

    Hey Tara! This is good! But i have difficulty to do the side lift with one
    hand and foot stacked/or on floor because my wrist would hurt… How do I
    overcome the wristproblem?

  2. TaraStiles

    @fifaifo everything opens up with time and practice. just keep with it and
    keep breathing. the more you lift the legs the lighter they become!

  3. Daniea3

    @SongsAreLikeTattoos You outta try Fish Pose every morning! It’s wonderful
    to open up these parts. Of course, Garudasana/Eagle arms is awesome and can
    practiced wherever! Oh Yeah, a video would be most excellent!!

  4. cherryblossoms32

    IT BURNS!!! Oh dear I am sore but it feels awesome! Can’t wait to keep
    getting stronger! My goal is to do all those push up reps – I’ll get there
    eventually 🙂

  5. TaraStiles

    @SongsAreLikeTattoos hi! so how about something to keep the abs strong and
    shoulders relaxed? I’ll work on it! 🙂

  6. Jacob Zurawski

    Tara I have noticed a discrepancy in the symmetry of this set. In the first
    warrior-two pose (the left facing one) you hold the pose. Once in the
    second warrior-two you add lunges to that pose where there was none for the
    other side of the routine. Just a heads up from a big fan! Now I’m gonna go
    do another strength vid. Thank You!

  7. missymim

    hi there so here goes im extreme over weight and very unhappy im going to
    try using your videos to help me gain back a once well toned and healthy
    body. ill let you know how i get on.

  8. Ernie Brewer

    tuned-in and tuning-up for the weekend with Hatha Yoga Flows from this
    amazing Yogi ^_^ Namaste

  9. Susan Lam

    Wow! I can’t believe the improvements and overall change I’ve seen in my
    body over the past two months of regular yoga and exercise! The plank is
    still a challenge, but such a huge improvement! :D

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