SUMMER IS COMING UP! Hope you like the vid =) Sorry it is so longgg! I missed you all and had a lot to say! haha Are you still subscribed to me? Youtube unsu… Related


  • Piggie Bonita 3 years ago


  • laugh.out.loud 3 years ago

    A really good waterproof mascara i LOVE is the Rimmel 100% Waterproof
    mascara! It just doesn’t come off even when you’re in the beach! xxx

  • Raquel Mendoza 3 years ago

    you make me miss summer and start planning !!!! thanks 

  • ace alpha lau 3 years ago

    my favorite waterproof mascara at the moment is Maybelline Rocket
    Waterproof Mascara. it have a rubber application which, for me, I find it
    makes it less clumpy. I basically wear this mascara and swim for hours and
    hours and trust me, it will not come off.

  • Jijilla 3 years ago

    My fav mascara is just Maybellinne Great Lash mascara in waterproof. It’s
    still the best mascara i’ve ever used, and i’ve used many.

  • tia rebecca 3 years ago

    maybelline Rocket volume express waterproof mascara, i use it and its soooo

  • Lauren Yakowitz 3 years ago

    One by one, and clump crusher are amazing! They stay on even swimming, and
    stay on all day, and are easy to remove, so no pulling out lashes! XD

  • Myra Fe Manos 3 years ago

    It’s always summer here in Philippines. lol

  • Caroline Myhre 3 years ago

    dener fint ,kult og cute

  • Derpette Love 3 years ago

    Covergirl clump crusher is a great waterproof mascara it is lengthening and
    it doesn’t clump at all

  • renewyou19 3 years ago

    ahaha a little late but my Cannonball by Urban Decay is AMAZING. I thought
    id hate it because I thought it would dry out my lashes but its probably
    one of my favorite mascaras of all time. lasts all day. in pools, lakes,
    oceans… its fantastic. Very lengthening. 

  • October Alisha 3 years ago

    tarte lights camera splashes mascara is in my top 3 favorite mascaras ever

  • AnnaSwimmer MazziMaz 3 years ago

    +AndreasChoice when I go swimming training, can I use make-up? ( I put on
    one day and after I have finished the training my face looked horrible)
    is there a cream which I can use in the water?? ( or maybe something

  • ycBeauty Cruzh 3 years ago

    Thanks god I live in the caribbean, and winter and summer is almost the
    same!! So happy for this holidays! i love the beach and sunny days♡♡

  • Styles*Forever 3 years ago

    I realyyyy miss summer :'(

  • Ashley Romero 3 years ago

    I’m freakin oily! So I use tarte amazonian clay air brush foundation , no
    liquid or cream foundation or bb cream or cc !(I don’t have any cc btw) ,
    but that tarte product It’s amazing for oily girls living in tropical
    places .

  • An Vuong Nguyen 3 years ago

    i love your make up in this vid :)

  • Jade Bernini 3 years ago

    Maybillien rocket water proof mascara ! 

  • Akawardnarwhales 3 years ago

    where did u get those rainbow leg warmers?

  • J.J Brightstar 3 years ago

    just found this vid

  • Cydnee Ajifu 3 years ago

    Try the rocket volume express it’s really good from maybilline

  • Piggie Bonita 3 years ago

    try covergirl lash blash volume (waterproof in the fat orange tube) and
    also covergirl exact eye lights (waterproof in the slim white tube. make
    sure you get the one for your eye color) this one is my favorite I have
    been using it since it came out (not the waterproof ones though). But they
    do have great staying power, and its a damn hassle to get it off. so if
    that what your looking for try it. (the ones without waterproof are great
    as well). 

  • Jordan's Journeys 3 years ago


  • DontfallAutumn 3 years ago

    I use really cheap waterproof mascara sometimes and it stays soft 🙂 wet n
    wild waterproof mascara. 

  • kittikat772 3 years ago

    summer please come fast Dx

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