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  • Mona Amor 3 years ago

    You should have done it on a girl with small or hooded eyes .. I find it so
    stupid that you done it on you .. cuz you have a lot of space to work on
    and most ppl with small eyes don’t have that much space .. just really

  • Rosa Rodriguez 3 years ago

    you should DEFINITELY do a video with steph doing eachothers makeup

  • Destiny Raven 3 years ago

    Carli I love you and all but you just completely stole “PixiWoo” tutorial
    on hooded eyes. Everything that you said was exactly almost word for word
    what she said in her tutorial. Especially the whole mirror part. smh Come
    on be original

  • Danielle Bhe 3 years ago

    Where can I find those lashes?

  • Roxana Ir 3 years ago

    What nice earrings .I love them.

  • Jordyne Lopez 3 years ago

    Good video but you are conceited 

  • Claire Cardwell 3 years ago

    your eyebrows…. they are way too long. theyre supposed to line up with
    your inner corners

  • ellits 3 years ago

    You look like katy Perry!

  • stylinflower 3 years ago

    In the end she Looks like a Drag Queen 

  • April Beckman 3 years ago


  • Debbye Joseph 3 years ago

    I love love love this vid! And omg what i love the most is that you used 1
    palett to achieve an absolutely gorg look. It helped a ton since im a
    beginner with using shadows. Thanks so much and PLS make vids like this!

  • Yu Jung Euh 3 years ago

    eyah@@@@@! mheh

  • wendalynh 3 years ago

    I like your earrings they are cute but look heavy. How long do you keep
    your lashes on? Do you reuse them? Thanks for the tutorial and you are

  • Lilii Loloo 3 years ago

    I have to try to do this make-up, it’s absolutely .. WONDERFUL !

  • kimberly flores 3 years ago

    are those your real eye color!? like wow their so pretty!

  • SRKlover tn. 3 years ago

    love it!

  • Imogen Rayne 3 years ago

    I love what you do. I wish a can do that to my self. Wow….gorgeous!

  • Yu Jung Euh 3 years ago

    eyah@@@@@! mheh

  • Nanciefy 3 years ago

    This is so helpful, thank you!

  • ℒα∂ƴ ℚ & Ṳ 3 years ago


  • cora varnes 3 years ago

    your earrings….

  • Long Elegant Legs 3 years ago

    *Summer Smokey Tutorial for Smaller Eyes*

    Useful tips on how to pull off the smokey look if you’ve got hooded and/or
    smaller eyes. The results are alluring!

    #smokeyeyetutorial #smokeyeyesmakeup

  • lucyofficial 3 years ago

    Is it just me that thinks this beautiful girl looks a bit like Megan Fox?

  • Alanis McDaniel 3 years ago

    How do you use the single lashes? Because I have small eyes and really ( &
    I mean really) curly eyelashes. 

  • DivaGirl10 3 years ago

    cool video, i subscribed. I have small eyes, so I know. however, i also
    love darker colors too. Is it a no no to not wear a dark shade on your lid?
    Can I do this but somehow use other shadows to make it look okay? (sometmes
    when i put lighter shadow on my eyelid you can’t even see it.) 

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