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Healthy Diet


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  • Terry Burnett 3 years ago

    What did she do to be to provoke such angry responses? I get it she’s thin,
    smart, and cute. 

  • carlos martinez 3 years ago

    This is great and healthy. Where do we get them? Thx

  • Macaya walker 3 years ago


  • zuzette100 3 years ago

    ja rob ja rob ja rob ,.,,,,any other things you have been paid to say .
    protein bars ore not junk ,lol

  • Kristin Leierer 3 years ago

    Are pickles just as good as cucumbers?

  • Adeline c 3 years ago

    Metal spoons are not advisable to be used to scoop the honey. Its better to
    use wooden ones or plastic ones.

  • Meylinh Hernandez 3 years ago

    Can you please do a video over detoxing after the holidays? Also I do have
    a major issue if Im sticking on a diet and for some reason I break it,
    mostly with a piece of candy, I just say to myself: what´s the point of
    sticking on it if I already broke it? and then I continue eating junk for
    the rest of the day. This has been happening for the last 6 months and Ive
    gained 10 pounds 🙁 any advice?

  • Juanita Galindo 3 years ago

    So ur sayin cheerios is bad for u .????? Funny if nutrionist recommend

  • Elyse 3 years ago

    lol im confused dont coconuts have coconut milk in them….

  • Linwood Sly 3 years ago

    Eating cucumber soaked in whit wine vinger delicious

  • Sandra Hart 3 years ago

    I was on track and watching you every morning learning and being motivated,
    I could feel and see the difference. After a loss of job, car and a move I
    am back to cheese potatoes, coffee, diet soda and chips. Having a tough
    time just getting motivated to start moving in the right direction again,
    so please help.

  • Jason Henry 3 years ago

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  • analiliar 3 years ago

    Where do you buy most of these healthy foods and snacks? 

  • Jazzie Red 3 years ago

    Peanuts are legumes not nuts. Hello!!! 

  • Nicholas Nobles 3 years ago

    what about bacon

  • Inge B 3 years ago

    Are those bars better than quest ?

  • Inge B 3 years ago

    Hi just subscribed. Great recipes. I was looking for healthy light recipes
    , I’m in the middle of a kidney cleanse. Going great

  • bishal neupane 3 years ago

    To regular folks who want to burn pounds eventually, Just Google Fat Blast
    Factor and get started.

  • joe schmo 3 years ago

    “Indulge in a little bit of raw honey once in a while.” Sounds reasonable
    to me. She said its “anti-viral.” I don’t know about that. I do know that
    raw honey has bactericidal agents that can treat infections and wounds.
    (Sometimes doctors will resort to this when antibiotics are ineffective)
    But if you listen to mainstream nutrition advice, they will simply warn you
    that raw honey may contain botulism spores and, for this reason, should not
    be feed to children under 1 years of age. Sound advice, I’m sure, but such
    emphasis leaves the average person with a sense that honey is somehow
    dangerous. I can’t help but think that all this is subtle propaganda from
    the food manufacturing industry to steer people away from foods created by
    nature and towards products manufactured/synthesized by humans.

    There is somehow an implication that a synthesized product is safer,
    cleaner, healthier etc. It’s all a subtle propaganda by people trying to
    make a profit. You can make a profit from something you have created in a
    laboratory. You cannot make much profit from something created by nature.
    This is why food companies are always trying to create new foods.

  • Raluca Bastarache 3 years ago

    I am def going to try those crackers. You look absolutely fabulous, xoxo

  • DoorsFan91 3 years ago

    Lookin’ hot Brenda! 

  • raspberryeri 3 years ago

    aww thanks, didnt think my -5kg was that obvious 🙂 glad u noticed!

  • joe schmo 3 years ago

    @ Friedmansalvationmilton. A new thread. Have you wondered why the girl in
    the video, Brenda-Leigh Turner, recommends sugar and honey over artificial
    sweeteners? How do you think she came to the conclusion that artificial
    sweeteners are bad? Do you think she came to it by the same route as me?

  • jamx97 3 years ago

    I want you for my snack baby

  • UncleMilton 3 years ago

    how can you advocate pure sugar (honey) as a weightloss snack? This while
    talking down sugar substitutes which have been found to be safe in hundreds
    and hundreds of studies. Every study done on sugar finds it to be harmful. 

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