25 Replies to “The Absolute Basics: Skin Care for the Beginner”

  1. BeautiControl Products

    Great Video! A good facial line is vital even for men! We carry a great
    line as well for men! My hubby love loves it! Totally rocks!:) 

  2. Butane Joe

    Good points about the toner and the exfoliating scrub. Now, regarding
    moisturizers, is it better to use an SPF moisturizer all the time OR a
    high quality non-SPF moisturizer that can be mixed with an SPF booster when

  3. shriji patel

    We’ll I only wash my face once a day and I do it at night when I take a
    shower I do it at the end when I am about to get out I put the face wash
    off rinse it off and get out is that ok to do 

  4. Michael Garcia

    What if your an active person? I usually play soccer and workout every day.
    Should I not wash my face when I shower even though I sweated a lot?

  5. Aljera

    You shouldn’t put on sunscreen in the winter because you already have a
    decrease of the quantity of vitamin D in your blood. Use sunscreen only
    when it is late spring/summer when the sun is strong.

  6. Cole Thiemke

    Ross I have very large and open pores and i am not sure how to close the
    yet still get rid of the ones that have clogged and become blackheads. I
    know you said you do not buy scrubs, but s there anything at a affordable
    priceI can do?

  7. Josh Goodstein

    Don’t scrub your face with anything, ever, even washcloths. Exfoliate with
    pH balanced leave on AHAs or BHAs daily.

  8. Jennifer Wilde

    you’re just putting chemicals into your skin & that’s not natural, no
    matter how hard you try and justify it.

    I bet your acne would flare up the minute you stopped using all these

  9. Adam Ahmed Shaheen

    Hey Ross. I have whiteheads and some acne but also a lot of surface level
    red spots all over my face. What product is used to get rid of these?
    Cleanser? Benzol Hydroxide?

  10. IDreamOfLifting

    Ross, the link that you provided for the toner is a different product that
    what you are using. Can you provide a link to the stuff in the video?

  11. Sabb Dios

    Okay So I see the face all the time, but what about if you have bad skin on
    your chest and back??

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