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  • BeautiControl Products 2 years ago

    Great Video! A good facial line is vital even for men! We carry a great
    line as well for men! My hubby love loves it! Totally rocks!:) 

  • Revitol Anti Aging Cream 2 years ago

    Love this video

  • mindseyeopened 2 years ago

    Thanks bro

  • Prometheus4096 2 years ago

    Sources? All these claims, nothing to back it up, lol.

  • Butane Joe 2 years ago

    Good points about the toner and the exfoliating scrub. Now, regarding
    moisturizers, is it better to use an SPF moisturizer all the time OR a
    high quality non-SPF moisturizer that can be mixed with an SPF booster when

  • Mike Johnson 2 years ago

    Could you please elaborate on the role of a toner for daily skin care?

  • Bob johnson 2 years ago

    what is a good shaving cream and I need to know what a good anti wrinkle
    cream is. Thanks buddy

  • Maynor Perez 2 years ago

    I like the whole how to until you told me to use powder -__- lol I draw the
    line at powder

  • miha2342 2 years ago

    blemishes? his skin is perfect

  • shriji patel 2 years ago

    We’ll I only wash my face once a day and I do it at night when I take a
    shower I do it at the end when I am about to get out I put the face wash
    off rinse it off and get out is that ok to do 

  • Michael Garcia 2 years ago

    What if your an active person? I usually play soccer and workout every day.
    Should I not wash my face when I shower even though I sweated a lot?

  • Aljera 2 years ago

    You shouldn’t put on sunscreen in the winter because you already have a
    decrease of the quantity of vitamin D in your blood. Use sunscreen only
    when it is late spring/summer when the sun is strong.

  • Gibrhann 2 years ago

    what is the point of a toner?

  • WottaNoob 2 years ago

    By “Washing your face twice a day” does he mean tone and moisturise twice
    a day?

  • Steven Quinn 2 years ago

    Do you recommend doing all this, before or after shaving?

  • Cole Thiemke 2 years ago

    Ross I have very large and open pores and i am not sure how to close the
    yet still get rid of the ones that have clogged and become blackheads. I
    know you said you do not buy scrubs, but s there anything at a affordable
    priceI can do?

  • jonrok100 2 years ago

    can this be used for other parts of the body? like the shoulders or upper

  • Josh Goodstein 2 years ago

    Don’t scrub your face with anything, ever, even washcloths. Exfoliate with
    pH balanced leave on AHAs or BHAs daily.

  • Jennifer Wilde 2 years ago

    you’re just putting chemicals into your skin & that’s not natural, no
    matter how hard you try and justify it.

    I bet your acne would flare up the minute you stopped using all these

  • Even the background got brighter with whatever you had put on your face

  • Adam Ahmed Shaheen 2 years ago

    Hey Ross. I have whiteheads and some acne but also a lot of surface level
    red spots all over my face. What product is used to get rid of these?
    Cleanser? Benzol Hydroxide?

  • IDreamOfLifting 2 years ago

    Ross, the link that you provided for the toner is a different product that
    what you are using. Can you provide a link to the stuff in the video?

  • Sabb Dios 2 years ago

    Okay So I see the face all the time, but what about if you have bad skin on
    your chest and back??

  • Bojan Bosilkov 2 years ago

    Howq ,much times per week/day should i use the cleanser , moisturizer and
    the toner ?

  • Wowzers, you are super hot!!!

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