THE BEST SKINCARE PRODUCTS… in my humble opinion.

To see products for oily skin click here Bioderma H2O Embr…

I’d seen this product on the shelves here in Dubai but never tried it…. then I watched a review from PIXIWOO… See here this i…

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  1. rachelmakingnoise

    Great review! I tried this out too today, and I can already feel a
    difference in my skin 🙂

  2. özgün sönmez

    Hello dear, Do you recommend the ‘Embryolisse Lait Creme Concentre ‘ cream
    for Karma or Oily skins?Because i have karma sensitive skin . Thanx !

  3. Natalie Mulcahy - Karam

    Can you make a video on all natural products, vegan friendly moisturisers,
    make up, brushes etc. basically everything and recommended companies that
    you know are against animal testing?

  4. scrubs4everr

    Sam, can you recommend any products for combination skin?? Because I think
    the Embryolisse lait creme would be too “heavy” for my oily T-zone, do you
    know if they have products for combination skin? Thanks 😀

  5. MAC makeup station

    i would recommend you try OILATUM. my mum has extremely sensitive & very
    dry skin that moisturisers are just not rich enough too hydrate her skin
    but oilatum worked great!

  6. Clare Elise

    Bioderma H2O been lookin at that product on the shelf for a while I shall
    now have to try 🙂 xx much love

  7. Maddy Miller

    Hi there Pixiwoo I live in australia and am a big fan of you guys and all
    the brittish makeup artist. I really want to try out the Embryolisse Lait
    Crème Concentre but am reluctant to buy from a no australia website can you
    reccomend where i could buy this from or a safe uk website that ships to
    aus. thanks again maddy x

  8. Rose Glover

    I’m a Lush girl, and my two Holy Grail products are both Lush. My cleanser
    is Lush 9 to 5 Orchid Oil Cleanser, which is really beautiful to use and
    smells gorgeous. I use that every day, which it is formulated for. Then, my
    toner is Lush Breath of Fresh Air, which is just the best! I’ve practically
    used no other toner for nearly 4 years-since I moved out of my parent’s
    home. Moisturiser for my face is just baby lotion-gentle and actually
    really good!

  9. 143skwk

    In your opinion. She might not be the best for everyone. She is quite good,
    but you do have to consider that she’s about 15 to 20 give or take years
    older and has a little more experience since she’s been doing make up since
    the 70s, and this lady was born in the 70s.

  10. nanu1980

    Hi Sam! I’ve heard years ago, that tightening cremes actually accelerate
    the optical effects of aging. Meaning, because they tighten the skin, the
    suspension it creates wears the skin out, making it more loose, after the
    effect of the chemical wears off. So in the end it promotes early sagging
    wich makes you use it more exessively. Is there any truth to that? I mean
    it sounds plausible…Thx for the answer. P.S.: sounds actually like a good
    topic for an info video on gossmakeupartist’s channel^^

  11. mayagm81

    hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I happened to see my wife’s youtube page and I just cant
    stop laughing.. you women, you pay to put make-up then you pay to remove
    the make-up..
    Very sad

  12. sunny arizona

    What is the brand of the last product you showed? You said it has marine
    something in it but never mentioned the name.

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