Ever wondered how a supermodel starts her day? In the first of our exclusive lifestyle video columns designed to transform your body, inside and out, Miranda… 人気スーパーモデル、ミランダ・カーが毎日飲んでいるというスムージーづくりに挑戦してみました! ミランダは数多くのブランドで広告塔を務め、子育てもしながら完璧ボディーをキープ。まさに私たちの憧れの存在ですよね!そんなミランダが愛飲しているというスムージーですが、ビタミン・ミネラルが豊富に含まれていて、美容と健康にと… Video Rating: 3 / 5 Related


Healthy Diet


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  • kittenlove84 3 years ago

    Shes so pretty and shes smart

  • K.M.S. 3 years ago

    that’s the $50 smoothie

  • ksjoda luou 3 years ago

    her voice is different from i thought

  • Steven Theo Schuster 3 years ago

    Could this women be any more beautiful? 

  • Louisiem 3 years ago

    I agree with most of you ; all these super natural vitamines cost A LOT. I
    use most of them in a “normal” Green Smoothie (with vegetables & fruits
    inside) but I made it as a Lunch and eat less. It is a choice for optimal
    health and beauty. But not every body can start a day with such a low
    calories smoothie with so much expensive stuffs inside. Miranda Kerr is
    from another world for sure…

  • 0011clem 3 years ago

    how can the normal person in the street afford all those yuppie super foods

  • msmusik2 3 years ago

    and here I am eating a cupcake lol

  • Gabrielle Semaan 3 years ago

    My cousin went to school with her and she apparently was rlly dumb.. But
    don’t get me wrong I love Miranda Kerr!

  • Ishani Dave 3 years ago

    She is very pretty but I do think that she would look much better if she
    had more meat on her bones.

  • Kiki O'Hara 3 years ago

    Maca powder taste awful.

  • Leeroyjankins 3 years ago

    I bought all of these ingredients at whole foods. Cost me about $130 USD.
    Lasted for two months though. So, $65/month. A shake a day costs $2.15.
    That’s cheaper than any shake/smoothie from a store. Not to mention I
    didn’t even bargain shop for any deals online or wait for the items to go
    on sale in stores. Most people piss away twice that much on Starbucks/red
    bull etc. everyday!

  • Christine Steiner 3 years ago

    I want to write a song: “A Supermodel saved my life”. This smoothie makes
    me feel great, and provides so much energy I’m eliminating all caffeine
    from my diet. Thanks Amanda! 

  • Christine Steiner 3 years ago

    Yeah, MissBonchy, no more caffeine or underwire bra’s from VS. I was
    diagnosed with breast cancer over 2 years ago, and I passed on the chemo
    and radiation, so
    smoothies akin to this one are my life now. Best part about it, I have not
    any cravings for caffeine. It only takes one week of withdrawal symptoms to
    pass, and then you feel so much better with this daily smoothie. Double-up
    on the Cacao powder for taste! I also ad mushroom powders! 

  • TheBlackCat251 3 years ago

    That thing looks disgusting :|

  • spatenaude 3 years ago

    I’m confused, does she put any actual greens or fruits in it, or just
    coconut water/milk and then all the little supplements and powders?

  • HollyGolightly078 3 years ago

    i think it’s time for this lazy bitch to get a real job.

  • Jasmine Lillian 3 years ago

    She doesn’t say how much of everything she puts in.. and what is better,
    Maca powder or the rice powder stuff.. bc didn’t she say they r both 4

  • sosilly123ily 3 years ago

    IM 14 and Im a yogi and organic eater and I drink this everyday! Miranda is
    my idol and though this tastes AWFUL! It rely changes your body for the

  • she would have to to be the most over-rated model in Australian fashion
    history..she’s ugly..has a big nose..average unattractive..but
    then again being talentless is hugely rewarded in Australia..keep trying
    Kerr no amount of water will improve your looks you are so fug ugly..

  • Ro .s 3 years ago

    Chocolate covered goji berries cost £8.00 at my health food store, organic
    coconut oil is £14… now I know why they call it the ‘supermodel’
    lifestyle lol.

  • MyDivineConnexion 3 years ago

    I agree that spirulina, chia seeds, gogi berries and maca powder are
    essentials everyday. I dont drink alcohol or smoke and I eat like this
    almost everyday. I started with spirulina about 30 years ago and my kids
    had it and there are differences in foods and that is a superfood that we
    need. I believe chlorella is a great one to add as well because it is a
    great cancer fighter…I believe in investing in my health and skip other
    things I really dont need. Here in America it is vital to stay healthy
    because getting sick is too expensive:)

  • MaryStellaRose 3 years ago

    put some fresh greens and fruit in it, it is cheaper and even healthier

  • Natalie P. 3 years ago

    Does anyone know what’s the difference between coconut milk and coconut
    water, please? All I can buy around here is coconut milk (at least I think
    it’s milk.. lol).

  • Aero Windwalker 3 years ago

    Too much makeup…

  • Raina Cruz 3 years ago

    I bet she spot that smoothie out afterwards xD

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