5 foods to NEVER eat: In this episode, Sanela and I are going to show you how to cook delicious healthy meals that will help… Video Rating: 4 / 5 Related


Healthy Diet




  • Suha Fahad 3 years ago

    why r u guys cooking have naked? 

  • drago884 3 years ago

    Am I working with outdated information here, or is it true that heating
    food in plastic containers in the microwave releases chemicals of some kind
    from the plastic, into the good, leading to various unwanted health
    effects? Has this been disproven since or..?

  • Thelasttrucks blueorange 3 years ago

    What about milo

  • Jimmy Green 3 years ago

    Does it matter if you don’t eat that much in a day, I eat pretty little so
    is it good if you eat a small amount of those kinds of foods in a day or
    should I eat more?? :D

  • Tara Love 3 years ago

    On another video with these two they tell you not to drink fruit juices and
    only eat a small amount of fruit as it is high in natural sugar? Also to
    eat fruit at night is not good for you. 

  • apoctriforce 3 years ago

    Is Teryiyaki Chicken a good choice for meats? I usually like to make it
    from buying stuff at the store and Im considering adding this to one of my
    weekly dishes for fat loss.

  • sdafasdfasdfsda 3 years ago

    Raw veggies give you gasssssssssssssss. NOT SEXY!

  • justyn france 3 years ago

    you dont need to eat a lot of fruit because it is a sugar, if you have low
    body fat % then you can eat fruit , so when you say to peoplr that are fat
    that they can eat as much fruit as you like then youre stupid , broccoli
    and beans are carbs as well , and you dont even have sweet potatoes there ,
    veges arnt even need to survive , you need grass feed meat more 

  • Adella Millimono 3 years ago

    i cant even hear hat he’s saying i’m just focusing on his body so so
    sooooooooooooooooooo attractive 

  • yo yoyo 3 years ago

    They look fat lol do i have to lissen to them xd

  • SuperRajunited97 3 years ago

    3:36, Mike come on now bro. Nuff sed lol,…….

  • Sorgutentarer 3 years ago

    Weight loss: Eat only lean protein. You’ll lose up to 2kg a week and maybe
    6-7 kg first week due to water weight loss. That means no carbs, no fat.
    Later on introduce non-starchy vegs like cauliflower tomatoes broccoli etc
    but keep protein intake high. Lost 30kg in 4 months that way. No health
    problems. Google some rules for dukan diet and you’ll be fine, but it’s an
    expensive diet.. 

  • Benjamin Joseph 3 years ago

    at 2:19, good sugar? lol. Sugar is sugar, no matter where you get it from.
    So annoying when people don’t know what they’re talking about. Fruit is
    good for some vitamins and fiber, but fruit is high in sugar, so don’t eat
    too much. She says eat as much as possible fruits and vegetables? lol.
    Too much sugar spikes insulin, which can make you fat.

  • Layne D'Angelo 3 years ago

    Cooking with foil and using the microwave is incredibly toxic. People may
    lose weight this way if they were eating a standard American diet, but this
    is far from healthy. Meat is full of hormones and antibiotics and creates
    acidity in the body, which leads to disease. 

  • Skyla Shanell 3 years ago

    I don’t even hear his words…

  • kingkobe4425 3 years ago

    Has mike ducked her already with his little Asian dick?

  • ProtossX 3 years ago

    is peanut butter okay for protein or bad compared to meat?

  • vanessa lokks' 3 years ago

    That girl, idk i get the bad vibe that if i meet her personally i probably
    wont like herr..

  • Not that I’m complaining but why is your shirt off

  • Peep'n ToM 3 years ago

    He’s lying, if stereotypes have taught us anything, it’s that he does not
    have more meat that we cant see… baaaazinggggg

  • ADI SHARIF 3 years ago

    i was wondering what happens after the video….just saying…

  • John Viking 3 years ago

    Is Tea or Green Tea good? Also what about Dole Shakers? I know you said
    fruit juices are bad, but for a source of protein after a work out?

  • Ubduction MC 3 years ago

    If you add a bit of lemon to your vegetables it taste so fucking good. I
    suggest doing that if you have a hard time eating your vegetables. 

  • Sarutobi A.F 3 years ago

    Does juices like Ice-Tea or Kool-Aid are good with this foods or I shouldnt
    drink them? 

  • Tellthatruth 3 years ago

    Why are you guys half naked? 

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