25 Replies to “Updo Hair Styles for Thin Hair”

  1. phosch22

    half her hair is like my whole head -_- I have the thinnest hair I have
    ever seen. It aggravates me.

  2. Rachel'sCraftChannel

    I have thin hair and I was still able to do this hairstyle and it looks
    very nice. I would suggest to not let hair thickness get in the way of
    trying this style.

  3. 12345anastasiya

    Her hair isn’t that thin and the updo with lots of braids looks like
    something my grandma would wear…

  4. CornersFive

    The strands of this model’s hair may be fine, but she has a lot of them.
    Genuinely thin hair, in my book, is fine strands and not many growing from
    your head in the first place. (Incidentally, if you back-comb extremely
    thin hair, you’ll break a lot of it, making your hair even thinner than
    when you started out.)

  5. scarletwomannedm

    I’m sorry…but I’m a licensed Cosmetologist and this is just horrible. I
    get that the “messy look” is a popular thing now but there was no reason to
    tease it that much or leave it the way she did with it looking just fuzzy
    in the back with the knots. I’m sorry..just not a fan of this at all!

  6. maggiekk

    This is actually uglier than what are taught in most of the “amateur
    I’d be very unhappy if I had to pay someone at a salon to get this

  7. Courtney Mires

    plus the hairstyle is old fashioned,boring and doesnt suit the client at
    all! major fail!!

  8. Carly Stewart

    I probably don’t even have enough hair to do the first part and you are
    telling me her hair is thin? 

  9. Courtney Mires

    why is she teasing the top of the section! no-one ever teases the top of
    the section thats ridiculous!!!

  10. perth45

    Firstly…she DOESN’T have thin hair…secondly…the finished result is

  11. Mandi Rank

    I agree with all of these comments, horrible execution, not to mention
    HORRIBLE camera presence by host. Plus the finished result is less than I’d
    expect to receive at a beauty school. Those sho can’t,…teach I suppose. I
    never believed that true at all until now. As others have also said, this
    IS not thin hair, I have thin hair. Stop insulting us.

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