25 Replies to “Victoria’s Secret Angel Butt Workout”

  1. stacy vargas

    right now i weight about 134 but iwant to weight 100 or a little more than
    100. because i want a slim body to fit in my old cute clothing again 😀 but
    searioudly im 12years old and iam extersising because i want to ask somone
    out that ireally like.

  2. Bonnie L

    If I stretch my whole body (butt as well) after a workout is it gonna slow
    down the growth of a muscle? I feel wonderful while strething after a good
    workout but I’m worried that my butt will not get into shape as quickly…
    Is it better to stretch before, after or away from the workout? 

  3. anne bradley

    +Madam *Thanks for sharing me that wonderful program …Thank you so much,
    This is the first time something actually works for me! I can’t wait to see
    what my butt and body are gonna look like in a few weeks.=D*

  4. Victoria Daisy

    Hello 🙂 I did this workout for like two weeks until I noticed that my bum
    got bigger from it (eventhough I ate clean etc.) and I lost my thighgap
    which is not the result I was aiming for. I have a rather big bum compared
    to the rest of my body and I wanted to get it smaller, that is why I chose
    the Victoria’s Secret Butt Workout since the VSS angels have small
    backsides. My tip would be to explain the titles of the videos, because it
    doesn’t do to give them fancy names with no relation to the actual effect
    of the workout. 

  5. 2emeraldeyes

    Great workout! Even more intense with ankle weights…don’t always use
    those! Alfie is adorable and I love his little hoodie/sweater thingy. :D

  6. sophia smith

    i like it a lot,one of fav! i add to my route!!! i plan to do a quick warm
    up one,then do abs workout from u, then do this ^_^

  7. BeautyBE

    Ive been doing this workout for about a full week now, 2 days amd 1 rest
    day, but at the moment i have a wrist inflammation, and im afraid its
    because of supporting on my wrists this last week…:( i dont give up tho,
    it’s not stopping me from doing this workout.

  8. theposhnosh1

    The poor dog up on the stool. Not enough space for him and how’s he suppose
    to get off?! Silly.

  9. Vr. Evif Neves Gen

    OH.. geezz. The sensual factor in the content of this immaculate video is
    very voluminous and intense.

  10. sanaz hajjami

    is this good for get rid of cellulites? im doing it about 10 days and i
    want to know if it can reduce cellulites or im just wasting my time? by the
    way i love this video!

  11. Milla Semina

    Nice workout I found online and will be doing for few months… really want
    to be able to do it with ease like this girl does… #butt #workout

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