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  • womenbeauty1 3 years ago

    спасибо большое! ♥

  • herkathleen17 3 years ago

    Felicidades no cualquiera tiene el don de peinar hermoso!! C:

  • womenbeauty1 3 years ago


  • womenbeauty1 3 years ago

    спасибо ♥

  • TheMsmay2 3 years ago

    I’m joining salon fair competition at my school I’m not sure w/c one of
    your updos I should do please help me love ol your vid by the way ur amazing

  • Gaby Sanchez 3 years ago

    I love how all the hair styles you do look like it takes a lot of work but
    are actually really easy to do!! Love your work!

  • Lilit Sargsyan 3 years ago

    O and u are awesome 🙂

  • Ian queiroz queiroz 3 years ago

    Programa Sucesso | Dot Beauty – Cabelos afros e só procurar …

  • Quyen ChauQuyen 3 years ago

    good. thanks.

  • womenbeauty1 3 years ago


  • Carolina Basualdo 3 years ago

    bellisimo !!!!!

  • Nina You 3 years ago

    Where did u get ur mannequin head from plz tel us?? too many people asked
    you this question 

  • yanet Rea 3 years ago

    You are very good! I love it, it looks so easy. I will practice and i will
    let you know.

  • Diana Second 3 years ago

    your hairstyles are amazing i did even think there were hairstyles this :O

  • Margareth MLopez 3 years ago

    awesome!!! I LOVE IT….

  • Daira anaid Arrieta lopez 3 years ago

    Is verytired make this in a girl of13year with much hair

  • Laura Romero A 3 years ago

    thank you 

  • Diana Garcia 3 years ago

    Guau ermoso lindo n fasil

  • Milagro Ramirez 3 years ago

    Absolutely beautiful work, your hands are phenomenal! I finally think I’ve
    found the hairstyle for my wedding!! Wish you could do my hair for me.

  • pun na 3 years ago

    Please reply where u got your practice head from ? 

  • Khriamy Mensbalto 3 years ago

    Is it just me but isn’t it kind of creepy to be doing this on a dolls head
    that has no body! I don’t mean to be rude but the hairstyle ( which is the
    only thing that matters ) looks beautiful! 😀 

  • xene ocampo 3 years ago

    You are the best of the best!!! Such an inspiration when it comes to
    hairstyling. You never fail to impress all of your subscriber. I can always
    count on your chanel! Waiting for your unstopable hair videos ♥

  • Robin Sarver 3 years ago

    to womenbeauty1: I agree with xene that you’re amazing. your videos have
    been so clear and concise when going step by step. I have learned that
    updos are actually easier to do than they look, but it’s still important
    that it looks as complicated to do as possible. I absolutely love it!!!
    I’ve been longing to be a hairdresser and your videos have been very
    inspiring to me too. this one is so great. I’ll be doing this one on my

  • Queen Cleo 3 years ago

    Very, very beautiful! I’d like to ask you please to number your videos
    because there are many with the same title and when I place them in my
    favourites, the new one over-rides the previous one! Also when I download
    them to keep on file, I have to open each one to see what it is…

  • Queen Cleo 3 years ago

    Very, very beautiful!!

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