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  • อีเกิ้ง เดือนห้า 3 years ago
  • Hina Sajid 3 years ago

    Hi! Where’d you get the sponge looking thing you put under the hair to make
    that oval shape? 

  • mari ram 3 years ago

    what hairspray do you use?

  • Sharmin Hasham 3 years ago

    Where do u get the hair stuffing from ?

  • Cathy Espinoza 3 years ago

    What is your source for your hair forms? Thank you.

  • Lynette Feng 3 years ago

    Anyone has any idea where I can purchase a good quality mannequin head like
    this one? (100% REAL human hair, and preferably with shoulder.) I swear its
    the hardest thing to try to buy!! I do not mind paying for a good one, and
    for shipping to Singapore.

    Please email me: lynettefeng (at) Much thanks in advance!! :)

  • soussou bounoise 3 years ago


  • melissa tocto 3 years ago

    me encanto tumbes -peru

  • elisabete oliveira Lopes 3 years ago

    amei ficou lindo

  • Guougas Sanaa 3 years ago

    very nice <3

  • wolfsangeleyes 3 years ago

    Gorgeous hairstyle, very elegant and romantic.

  • neha loveskyuhyun 3 years ago

    What is that big bun thing you used at the beginning called? Can you buy it
    at beauty supply stores?

  • Ayu Ford 3 years ago

    Dear Sklemina Tatiana,

    You video really awesome!! thank you for post it and my question is
    where are you buying the blonde bun that you using it under the hair?
    Please let me know Thank you

  • 정현정 3 years ago


  • Natalia García 3 years ago

    Muy bonito y elegante

  • Shefa canada 3 years ago

    merrrrrrrrrrrrrrci boucou

  • Isamabel de Lima 3 years ago


  • Amparo Encarnacion 3 years ago

    What beautiful, you have blessed hands!!!

  • Zatpatkhana patel 3 years ago


  • Queen Cleo 3 years ago

    Oh my gosh, this is so beautiful – I’ve been looking for something special
    for my son’s wedding. I love it!!

  • Liliy116 3 years ago


  • Mehar Ali 3 years ago

    Plz do a Dutch braided updo 

  • womenbeauty1 3 years ago
  • Queen Cleo 3 years ago

    Could you possibly work a little faster so that your videos don’t take so
    long… I can’t find a software that will download anything over 10 mins!!

  • kinoahdomain 3 years ago

    hi. what do you call that brush to smooth out the teased hair? thanks. nice

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