It’s the BIG Q: When do I start using anti-aging products and what anti aging products do I need?!?!?! Well the answer is VERY easy, watch the video and find… Video Rating: 4 / 5 Related


  • starznthaskyz 3 years ago

    Yur so hott

  • Ville Tuuras 3 years ago

    Small amounts of exposure to sun is good. Now days the atmosphere isn’t
    blocking enough UV radiation to keep us safe so we need sun lotion.

  • tokyoxjapanxfan 3 years ago

    Every time I use SPF I get really oily 🙁 I use a BB cream with SPF 30 in
    it which controls the shine a little bit, but the small amount of BB cream
    I use probably doesn’t have much SPF protection… I’m not against powder,
    I just don’t know which is a good choice… Any recommendations?

  • iFauxPas 3 years ago

    I LOVE the Neutrogena Visibly Even moisturizer. I devoured that product. I
    live in Nevada and the sun is literally my mortal enemy. I slather on the
    SPF. Not a ray touches my skin unprotected.

  • Dolceb7 3 years ago

    Omg u r not only an educator but also a dead gorgeous man! Love ur videos.
    And I’m a new subscriber(:

  • tomtomsoz 3 years ago

    @UltiateAvenger there are special sunscreen products for that – don’t use a
    “cream” use a “gel” – yes you heard right – there are sunscreen-gels
    especially for acne-prone skin ! look up the brand “anthelios” 🙂

  • Djkoolgeorge 3 years ago

    it is very true about sunscreen,but when you go older your skin get worse
    anyway…if you want a real soft skin you must use natural anti-aging
    cream, after certain age of course (but men’s don’t use face creams because
    man skin is not as sensitive as ladies because of their hormonal changes of
    the body) ..

  • Thuoi Ly 3 years ago

    vitamin c serum

  • Chris Weitekamp 3 years ago

    unrelated to skin care but I noticed that you’re in an accelerated 2nd
    degree nursing program – me too! I’m at penn state. you should make videos
    about your experience as a male in nursing. we’re a rare breed!

  • warsicklol 3 years ago

    Is SPF another term for UVA-filter? or UVA/UVB-filter? Please help

  • Djkoolgeorge 3 years ago

    and you are sexy too Sorana 🙂

  • dehmorais 3 years ago

    GOSH u are brilliante!!!FINALLY somebody saying some TRUTH about aging here
    on YT! I’m 21 years old. When I was 15 I had severe cystic acne so that’s
    when i really started using sunscreen EVERYDAY, because I was doing
    chemical peels also. It doesn’t matter if it’s raining,whatever, I use it.
    People ask me ALL THE TIME “how do you have such nice skin, what do you
    use?” I say sunscreen, they never believe me, they think I dont wanna share
    what I use haha is ridiculous! You said it all.

  • Jacob Watts 3 years ago

    my mom has amazing skin considering shes 43! compared to all her friends
    who use anti aging moisterisers all there lives ! . my mom also works
    monday to friday in a hot 33 degree chlorinated poolas a swim teacher and
    fitness instructor . frankley i am amazed to this day. the only thing that
    i can think off is the steam from when her head is above the water 24/7 .
    she rarley uses sunscreen on her face. i have the same skin type so
    hopefully with my obsession using sunscreen on my face i will age

  • RashtraVishnu 3 years ago

    @ItsNoe research skin peals, you can do the minor ones at home.The
    professional peals can give drastic age reversal. retinol is helpful, ive
    seen very quick results. the advice to avoid excess sun is very good. I
    personally believe minor sun exposure a few times a week will regenerate
    skin, this is not enough to cause reddening.

  • tetra3000 3 years ago

    dammit ive been using a regular moisturiser for the last 5 years, starting
    from 25 isn’t too bad though, thanks for the advice, however isn’t a bit of
    sun good for the skin because of the vitamin d skin produces?

  • TheMafiaHustler 3 years ago

    @inurfacez10 use neutrogena oil-free moisture SPF 15, it shud do the trick

  • Nogert 3 years ago

    Won’t this make you look really pale though?

  • LifewithJoaquin 3 years ago

    Time to put on some sunscreen daily even in the winter time lol

  • SillieWous 3 years ago

    can u use a moisturizer combined with normal sunscreen?

  • ZachEyeSolutions 3 years ago

    Titanium Dioxide is the ingredient in most Sun Screen products which blocks
    UV. SPF 30 is the minimum level recommended by Dermatologists. Sun damage
    is the largest contributor to premature aging. Men tend to age in stages.
    For example men will look the same from 20-25, 26-30 etc. As each stage
    concludes aging trends and sun damage will become most visible. Anti Aging
    products are a general term for products which will replenish the depleted
    components of skin as we age.

  • marisauna 3 years ago

    Best advice: Do not use anti-aging products.

  • afaddict1879 3 years ago

    Have you ever used any of the Dr. Denese Skincare products? Specifically
    her hydroshield serum. If so, what do you think about them? Thanks!


    Sunscreen before or after moisturizer?

  • terence671 3 years ago

    Haha I have that same Neutrogena moisturizer. But I never use it because i
    tend to break out easily with it =

  • Cris tian 3 years ago

    Neutragena oil free moisturizer with spf 15. 10 bucks and lasts roughly 2

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