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  • Idocare101 3 years ago

    a Red Bull advertisement? Seriously!

  • Sheila Lawson 3 years ago

    Love this one. Do it every morning. Thanks Cindy.

  • jab1187 3 years ago

    very relaxing for the morning and then a fruit smoothie later =)

  • Anum ma 3 years ago

    i am only 14 and i want to learn ballet so i have to be flexible but i cant
    do most of these stretches :/ is there any tips about what should i do and
    how long it will take me to do these stretches in the right way ? 

  • Kristy McConnell 3 years ago

    I’m tighter on my Left Side for sure..

  • Stannabis 3 years ago

    I dream everyday about having a partner whom i would share my life with and
    she would be like Cindie .. She’s just a complete wonderful and an
    interesting person. Someone who is healthy, beautiful and just plain
    attractive.. I send you all the love over the internet Cindie , have a
    lovely day :)

  • Ella Oncer 3 years ago

    I am not flexible AT ALL. I can’t even do the pose at the beginning where
    she opens her legs to the side… Do you recommend any other flexibility
    beginner videos?

  • SARAH MORRISS 3 years ago

    so it is ok to not be able to do all the poses and just do what you can and
    follow along as best as you can right

  • Jennifer Hall 3 years ago

    LOL Cindie I love you! I am always forgetting left from right, I have to
    look at my wedding ring to know that is left. Thank you for another awesome
    stretching video. I am so glad you included pigeon pose, it’s my favorite.
    Hopefully someday soon I’ll have that paralell leg, gives me something to
    work toward.

  • Yasmin Demircekic 3 years ago

    Does this actually help I’ve never done yoga before?

  • Richard van Tricht 3 years ago

    Your workout is too short. Make 1 of an hour or so. With your goofy
    comments and laughs. I love it. 

  • Rynne Rawrsome 3 years ago

    you are the BEST my flexibility is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much better already

  • Marjolein 3 years ago

    Your smile is so cute :)

  • Eddie F 3 years ago

    I have always been absolutely inflexible physically. Just as a result of
    how cute she is, I probably will actually stay with this. Since I also
    definitely felt insanely good soreness during that 

  • Joel Laguna 3 years ago

    Beautiful figure and lovely Soul.

  • Cindie Corbin 3 years ago

    2nd! :b

  • bboymarcel 3 years ago

    the lady never worked and thats why everybody loves her body

  • blackice214 3 years ago

    I clicked because I saw boobs

  • Roberto Mendez 3 years ago

    is there anywhere that i can find a instuctor/video that doesn’t give me
    all this spiritual stuff. just a down to earth to the point (almost
    scientifically instructive) yoga instructor? i dont care for the bubbly
    attitude but i do like the stretches.

  • Bekah Mallette 3 years ago

    Cindie, how did you become a yoga instructor?

  • Jasper Ferguson 3 years ago

    Is stretching twice a day too much?

  • c0rnf1ake 3 years ago

    erm i cant cross my legs like you or push my hips out because of that, I
    assume. Im only 24 and cant do beginner class…

  • opmdevil 3 years ago

    Weird camera placement for some parts…

  • PsycheTruth 3 years ago


  • PsycheTruth 3 years ago

    #Yoga for #Flexibility for Complete Beginners with Cindie.

    This a slow paced, opening Stretch routine

    Show Cindie some Love and Giver Her a +1
    Leave us some feedback!

  • jab1187 3 years ago

    sweeeet what a great routine, your a really good yoga instructor, very
    easy to follow along.

  • Charlie Wallace 3 years ago

    You are amazing, Cindie! It’ll take me months to be able to do all these
    positions! I feel like a 98-lb weakling, trying to do these! Great video!

  • Mergingpoint 3 years ago

    How tall are you? You make that room look tiny! I feel like im watching
    that seen from the Bruce Lee movie where he fights Kareem Abdul Jabber! (
    Very Tall Black guy) 

  • starcraftyt 3 years ago

    The tattoos are ugly, makes her look like a whore, in no case an
    instructor, but a sex instructor :))

  • Brianna Howard 3 years ago

    I’ve never done yoga before, and I am 5 months postpartum and recovering
    from my second c-section. I thought this was simple enough, it gave me a
    sweat which is what I’m sure you were aiming for. Great video :)

  • regina shari layasan 3 years ago

    Now I have a headache. I don’t think I did this exercise right.

  • Destiny Pearson 3 years ago

    This is not beginners.. 

  • bluehood89 3 years ago

    She’s so pretty. :0 can this be done for men? 

  • Flaming Autumn 3 years ago

    Cindie looks like she is having fun! :P

  • dnaomi06 3 years ago

    It’s been 1 week at the beginning I try to do each pose, now I’m able to do
    each pose once!!! I know in the future i will be able to do the whole thing

  • Vayu Bernolet 3 years ago

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    is to make your weight-loss hormone working, this procedure called
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  • Caitlan Mendoza 3 years ago

    Do you have a video that covers how to heal abdominal separation?

  • canna buser 3 years ago

    great body

  • AJoan 3 years ago

    That ain’t easy to do…lol

  • tyro apache 3 years ago

    She’s got a great ass

  • Jason Bowers 3 years ago


  • ScarlettShinzon 3 years ago

    Cindie, your tattoos are awesome! =D 

  • lil Astro 3 years ago

    My left hand really hurts me after doing these exercises :'( , is that
    normal or not ?? But anyway you are awesome (Y) !!

  • ShannonSMD 3 years ago

    Really felt it~ First time trying yoga and I loved it. 

  • Jen N Lyn 3 years ago
  • jeanniesPlanet 3 years ago

    Definitely NOT a beginners video like it says in description. Beginning at
    around 11:35 that is a position that not everyone can do.
    But besides that, good video 🙂
    I enjoy all your health tips and videos

  • Ririchiyo Miketsukami 3 years ago

    my body has stretched in ways i never thought it could. LOL XD i did it,
    but now i have a wicked headache (im extremely lazy) :3

  • Marcos Taranta 3 years ago

    man, how I wish I have that back strength, it would be so awesome for my
    posture, well done, great video (:

  • Roxanne G 3 years ago

    Can’t wait to try the! I’ve been working on Cindie’s 10 minute ab workout
    daily and that one is intense and love it! Thanks!

  • PsycheTruth 3 years ago


    Try out this yOGA For Weightloss with Cindie!!!
    Leave a Comment and Share with Your Circles!! :)

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