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  • Ali Hammoud 3 years ago

    Hey Zeus! I’m starting this today and starting a new diet! What time should
    I stop eating you reckon around 7-8pm

  • Do you recommend to just push on from the start till you just can’t do
    anymore or start with less time on each stage of this workout and add a
    little more when stamina grows up?

  • Jhoan Mae Jalandoni 3 years ago

    I feel like dying while doing the side plank! Good routine!

  • Abelia Clissett 3 years ago

    “You are what you eat”
    You really can burn body fat faster, more effective by eating the real good

  • Dabangg Tiger 3 years ago

    i finish the whole workout, but will it help to lose belly fat 

  • Trevin Shu 3 years ago

    +TheZeusFitness Will this workout help me get abs

  • filipinokid18 3 years ago

    How often should we do this workout routine per week? 3-4?

  • Magicmann13 3 years ago

    Is this something that’s okay to do everyday or does it just depend on how
    you feel? And if it’s not okay to do every day then do you have any no
    equipment workouts that I could do every other day and this one every other

  • kai lee 3 years ago

    i hate DVD advertising in comments but this workout is good bro


  • Miguel Pereira 3 years ago

    Hey Zeus, you are ok man! Thank you for your videos.My body is just like
    yours, and i understand how it feels when training Core, that is so
    important for heavy person, but it takes a lot of effort from us. Thank you
    again and keep going, im following this to help me improve.

  • Ashikul Islam Limon 3 years ago

    Oh hai! Have you ever tried – Adonis Perfect Physique Builder (google it)?
    Ive heard some awesome things about it and my many men of all ages got
    excellent results with it.

  • AKASH nandi 3 years ago


  • ali abu jumah 3 years ago

    My gym is not as helpful as your videos, you are great, thank you 

  • ali abu jumah 3 years ago

    Hi. I’m an amateur builder and I am working to get an athletic body, but, I
    have a 1 inch belly that is not going anywhere, and when I do push ups it
    looks 2 inches, please help

  • Jose Cárdenas 3 years ago

    Hi Zeus, I’m an overweight 15 yr old I’m 185lbs and I wanna lose weight and
    look better and get into shape, I can kind of complete this, I am waking up
    at 5am doing this and when I’m done I go and run 30 mins should I do this
    everyday and well i see any results???

  • Chapin OOl 3 years ago

    my legs are on fire!! XD …. nice workout :D

  • ricanboy94 3 years ago

    Hey Zeus!!!! Can I use this work out Monday – Friday? Would love to drop
    some pounds before I go back home to see my wife! I’m pretty over weight
    about 240 wanna go back to my 180-200 mark!? Any other suggestions! ?

  • EpicMusicSoul 3 years ago

    Holy shit. I barely don’t finish the workout. Pretty intense.

  • dynamicglow 3 years ago

    this was intense! thanks so much for this. literally died after the final

  • Technology 3 years ago

    I did finish the whole 15 minute workout but I took more 30 second breaks
    in between , is that okay? 

  • Son Goku 3 years ago

    How much calories does this workout burn?

  • Chris James 3 years ago

    This workout killed me man ! 

  • Morwan Laz 3 years ago

    Thanks man, I just subbed, really Awesome workout!

  • Paulo Webba 3 years ago

    was able to three quarters of it

  • Lothar1399 3 years ago

    is it okay to do this workout for the whole day ?
    like… 1st five minutes in the morning
    2nd five minutes in the afternoon
    3rd five minutes at night

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